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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

High school band comes with its own language and traditions, and there is a lot to learn. We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that we hope will help answer your questions and any concerns you may have. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please email a band director for help.

General Band Questions

Join as an 8th Grader

All band members from Beckendorff Junior High and Seven Lakes Junior High are eligible to join the Seven Lakes Band. Prospective band members outside the district or state must reside in our attendance zone to attend Seven Lakes High School.


If you are a band member at Beckendorff or Seven Lakes Junior High, your current band directors will communicate with you regarding important dates and information about becoming a member of the Seven Lakes Band.


Join as a new student to Seven Lakes HS
Once you enroll at Seven Lakes High School, tell them you would like to join band! They will temporarily place you in one of our band classes until we, as your band directors, make a final placement.


After you have enrolled and communicated your intent to join band to the counselors, email Mr. Mays and he will get you all of the information you need to transition to the Seven Lakes High School Spartan Band.


Join our Color Guard
Students who do not currently play an instrument and are interested in joining the Seven Lakes Color Guard can explore membership through our Color Guard program. If you are interested, email Mrs. Click.

Sign up for Remind Texts

The Seven Lakes band sends important texts via the Remind app. There are different codes for parents and students. To keep this private, you must email the Band Directors for the current Remind codes.


Check the Band Calendar
The band calendar
has the most updated information about events and activities. We have also created a link to make subscribing to our calendar a breeze.


Attend Monthly Booster Meetings
Booster club meetings are held once a month and are a great way to stay informed.


Read the Newsletter
Each week a newsletter is sent out with important information regarding upcoming events.

Most band instruments do need to be privately owned or rented and maintained by the student. There are a few larger instruments (tuba, euphonium, bassoon, oboe, etc.) that are school owned and rented to students. if you are unsure whether or not you need to purchase/rent your own instrument, please email one of the band directors.

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) only allows before/after school activities to practice for 8 hours per week once school begins. During the summer, we have a Summer Band that runs during the weeks leading into the start of the school year. These weeks are more intensive to prepare us for the upcoming marching season.


When school starts, the band will practice after school. During the marching season, there are typically Friday night football game commitments (performances) and Saturday contests (competitions). The competitive marching season finishes in early November, and the band will only play at the remaining football games.


In addition, post-football and marching season, band students will also participate in Concert Season activities, as well as winter and spring concerts.

The Texas Education Agency defines band and color guard as a performing art, and concert & marching band performances are an extension of class time. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required and is a part of the band/color guard grade.


A student will be suspended from participating in any extracurricular activity (marching band activities, pep rallies, parades, UIL solo and ensemble, etc.) after a six-week grading period in which the student receives a grade below a 70. The student will remain eligible and responsible for class requirements including sectionals and non-UIL performances.


Interim progress reports are issued in the middle of each six-week period to students who are borderline or failing a class. Students can “regain” eligibility at this time if they are passing.

Summer Band

In order to be prepared for marching performances, students are required to attend marching practice in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year.


Attendance is required for all band students. Students must show up to summer band with their instrument, full water jug, athletic shoes, their phone, and sun protection (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.)


A detailed summer band schedule will be sent out in the Newsletter as well as posted on the Band Calendar.

Yes – 100%.


It is imperative to the success of the Seven Lakes Spartan Band to have all students attend Summer Band. Please refer to the Band Calendar for summer band dates, and plan all vacations and appointments accordingly.

Drinks are not provided to students.


It is crucial that your student bring a full water jug with them to summer band every single day. During the day there will be plenty of opportunities for students to refill their water jugs. You may send additional drinks with your students, but please avoid sugar-filled beverages.

Lunch is not provided.


Students will have a lunch break in the middle of the day and are encouraged to leave campus to eat lunch and rest before the start of the evening block of rehearsals.

Many injuries in marching band happen as a result of improper footwear. To protect your student and keep them marching on the field, students should wear a pair of athletic shoes that provides them with the support they need to have a good foundation and prevent twisted/rolled ankles, shin splints, sprains and many other injuries.

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows them to move freely without restriction. Light colors will reflect the sun and keep your student cooler in the heat.


To protect themselves from the sun, students are encouraged to wear hats, sunglasses, SPF shirts and sunscreen.

Football Game Days

On game days, students will remain on campus after school.

Students will:
Report to the band hall after school
– Have a short rehearsal
– Eat
– Gather their instrument & uniform
– Load buses
– Play at the football game
– Load buses
– Return to Seven Lakes HS

Students will need to bring:
– Garment bag
– Band shorts
– Band shirt
– Black socks
– Marching shoes
– Water bottle
– Flip folder
– Instrument

Most parents will sit in the stands closest to the band section. This is a perfect time to wear your band spirit wear and see your kid perform.

Football games are considered an extension of the classroom, and for everyone’s safety, we do not allow adults into the band section of the stands.

This ensures we keep everyone safe. Students are not allowed to accept outside food and beverages from parents while at a football game.

Students are encouraged to call/text their parents on the way back to school, but an expected end time will always be communicated through Remind.

Marching Band Contests

Just like other sports, marching band participates in scored competitions.

These contests usually take place on Saturdays in the fall. Competitions are typically divided into Preliminary Performances and Finals Performances. Please refer to the Band Calendar for the dates of these contests.

Report times will differ for each contest based on our performance times. You can find the schedules on the Band Calendar.

A typical contest day schedule is:
– Report to the band hall
– Rehearsal
– Gather uniform & instrument
– Load buses
– Arrive at contest location
– Unload
– Warm-up
– Prelims performance
– Regroup and take a break (if time allows)
– Gather for announcement of awards

If the band is selected for finals, we will warm-up again, perform, and wait for the finals awards before heading back to the school.

If the band is not selected for finals, we will either load up the students and return to the school, or stay and watch finals as a full band.

No, the entire band must stay together until the contest day is over.

Time between performances is used to rehearse or for study time.

Yes, meals are provided on contest days. Meal times will vary according to the performance schedule of the contest. Students are encouraged to bring snacks.

You may video record UIL and football game performances.

Concert Season

Concert season takes place during the spring semester as the band prepares to participate in the UIL Concert & Sight-Reading contest.

Each band will prepare 3 pieces of music they will perform at the UIL competition.

Most concert season rehearsals take place during the student’s band class.

Students will typically have one or two after-school rehearsals a week, either with their section or as a full band. This schedule is communicated to the students at the start of the Spring semester in January.

Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the UIL performance. The dates, times and locations will be published on the Band Calendar.

Get In Touch

Please reach out to our Director of Bands, Mr. Mays, if you have questions about joining our program.

[email protected]