Q. Who wears Mums/Garters?

A. Anyone can wear a mum or garter.  You DO NOT need to have a date to Homecoming to participate in this fun tradition.

Q. Who buys the Mum/Garter?

A. If you do have a date to Homecoming, traditionally your date would purchase your mum or garter.

A. Friends get together and purchase mums for each other.  Ex: The girls’ soccer team has traded mums in past years.

A. Parents buy mums/garters for their own student.

A. Students buy mums/garters for themselves.

Q. How much does a mum/garter cost?

A. This is a very difficult question to answer.  Mums/garters are very personal.  Cost varies depending upon size and how many ribbons, trinkets, bells, and decorations are added to the basic mum/garter.  The average cost for a Mum (Single) is around $65-$70.  The average cost for a Garter (Regular) is around $55-$60.

Q. I’ve never order a mum before.  Can I get help?

A. Absolutely!  You can come by the Mum Shoppe anytime during the day (Mon-Fri) and the Mum Moms will be happy to walk you through the ordering process.  You can also talk to the Moms during lunch on sales days in the Freshman Commons and Main Commons.  There is also a Saturday sales day in the Mum Shoppe.  Please look at our website for dates and times.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. Mums/garters are made on a first come first served basis.  Early orders can usually be ready for pick-up in a day or two.  The closer we get to Homecoming and the more orders we receive, the longer it will take to complete your order.

Q. How will I know that my order is ready for pick-up?

A. When your order is ready for pick-up you will receive an email and a text message to the cell phone number provided on your order.

Q. Where is the Mum Shoppe located?

A. We are currently located in in the hallway at the back of the band hall, in the jazz room.

Q. Who receives the money from the Mum Shoppe sales?

A. All proceeds from the Mum Shoppe go to directly support your SLHS Band.  Thank you for your support