Fall 2019 Audition Information

Auditions are open to all students currently enrolled in a junior high or high school band program. Junior high auditions will take place on their campus starting in mid-late April. We will coordinate with the junior high band directors on scheduling those auditions. High School auditions will take place during their band period starting in late April. During your audition, you will be required to perform the etude provided, along with the articulation exercise. We will record each audition and students will be scored and rated using an audition rubric.

Audition Process:

  • Each player will be required to perform the etude for his/her given instrument. Please adhere to the tempo markings provided on your etude. There are two separate audition packets, one for junior high and one for high school. Make sure you audition from the correct packet.
    *For the junior high etude – there are 4 different variations, please play through the variation/s you are most comfortable with that will show off your skills the best.


  • In addition to the prepared etude, each student will be required to prepare and perform the specified articulation exercise with a metronome. *You will be asked to play the articulation exercise at two different tempos – First at quarter=92 and a second time at quarter=120.


  • Lastly, we would like to hear you play 3 scales of your choosing. Please choose at least one scale that showcases both your low and high range.


Download and print a PDF version of the audition materials below:


Audition Articulation Exercise | Junior High | High School